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Water-cooled cables

Types and characteristics of water-cooled cables

1. Horn lock nut water-cooled cable: Conical connection with equipment, nut lock, ensure the largest contact surface, reliable current transmission, good cooling water sealing effect. Used in high frequency equipment.

2. Electric arc furnace water-cooled cable: tin-plated electrode surface, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, hoisting ring at the end, easy to install on site, rubber pipe and electrode tightening, using two stainless steel clamps, safe and reliable, external casing using high-quality rubber pipe, soft, good bending performance, than body wire with high-strength enameled wire production. Corrosion resistance, no surface skin effect.

3. Coaxial water-cooled cable: two lines of water, two lines of electricity, coaxial center, less leakage inductance, less power loss, energy saving.

4. Resistance furnace water-cooled cable: the electrode is machined with a whole copper rod; the soft wire is made of enameled wire without green embroidery for a long time; the outer sheath hose is resistant to high working water pressure and will not break down; the cooling water path is smooth and the cooling effect is good; the outer sheath hose has high breakdown voltage, high transmission current, safety and reliability; G, a variety of models for users to choose.

5. Electroslag furnace water-cooled cable: electrodes have many structures (flat flange type; bell type; rotary electrode type), there are three kinds of inlet and outlet positions (in the side of the electrode; in the flange plane; in the extreme surface); soft conductors are made of enameled wire, long-term use of green embroidery; jacket hose has high working water pressure, No. It will burst; the cooling water is smooth and the cooling effect is good; the outer sheath hose has high breakdown voltage, high current transmission, safety and reliability; various specifications and models are available for users to choose.

6. Water-cooled cable for submerged arc furnace: the material of electrode is T2 copper, the structure of electrode can be made according to user's requirements, and the surface is tin-plated; the position of water inlet and outlet can be determined according to user's equipment installation position, and the outer sheath hose can be fireproof at high temperature, which is suitable for the working environment of submerged arc furnace, and can transmit large current safely and reliably.

7. Vacuum Furnace Water-cooled Cable: One end of cable electrode is trumpet lock nut type, which is connected with induction coil in vacuum furnace. The other end of cable electrode structure is flat flange type, which is connected with capacitor. The outer sheath rubber pipe of cable has taper sealing ring, which ensures that it is sealed with the shell of vacuum furnace and the water-cooled cable part inside vacuum furnace. The outer sheath is heat-proof, the cooling water of water-cooled cables directly enters the induction coil in the vacuum furnace and circulates to cool. It is widely used in the vacuum sintering furnace of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials and can replace the imported cables abroad.

8. Polycrystalline furnace water-cooled cable: water-cooled cable electrodes are connected with coaxial electrodes of induction coil of polycrystalline silicon purification furnace. The structure of water-cooled cable electrodes is 90 degree elbow horn taper locking type, which ensures that the connection with polycrystalline silicon purification furnace is not twisted, ensures natural bending, and improves the service life of water-cooled cable.

9. Water-cooled cable of single crystal furnace: contactless electrode, surface treated with anticorrosion, movable wire connection after encrypted sealing ring at inlet and outlet, enamelled wire production (the only one in the country), rust-proof and soft, not easy to break, soft wire and electric level cold extrusion connection, and tin filling treatment, good contact effect, external protection used The sleeve is a special high-quality rubber pipe made by rubber factory. The rubber pipe and the electrode sealing clamp are connected by copper clamp and extruded by special equipment. The bending radius of the water-cooled cable is small and the service life is long.

10. Water-cooled cable of medium-frequency furnace: when the soft wire uses enameled wire to transmit medium-frequency current, it has no skin-collecting effect, high power transmission efficiency, low calorific value, and the outer sheath hose is not easy to aging; after softening treatment, the stress of the connecting part between the enameled wire and the electrode is small, and the electrodes of water-cooled cable and the soft body are dumped and dumped repeatedly when the furnace is working. The connecting part of the wire will not break.

11. High-frequency machine water-cooled cable: non-contact electrode, enameled wire of soft wire, used for high-frequency surface quenching, high-frequency heat transmission, high-frequency melting, no skin effect, energy saving, durable.


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